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TSO Concert

2016.8.20(SAT)19:30【TSO】Heroic Voices  2016/6/18

2016.8.20(SAT)19:30【TSO】Heroic Voices

【Performer】 Gilbert Varga, Conductor Ray Chen, Violin 【Program】 M. Bruch: Scottish Fan......Full Text

2016.8.26、27、28【TSO】The Little Goat  2016/6/18

2016.8.26、27、28【TSO】The Little Goat

【Performer】 Roger Chih-I Chiang, Conductor Bluefire Art TSO Chamber Orchestra 【時間 / ......Full Text

2016.9.3(SAT)19:30【TSO】Mahler 7th  2016/6/18

2016.9.3(SAT)19:30【TSO】Mahler 7th

【Performer】 Stefan Soltesz, Conductor Michaela Selinger, Mezzo Soprano Taipei Symphony Orch......Full Text

2016.9.10(SAT)19:30【TSO】Forest Concert  2016/8/10

2016.9.10(SAT)19:30【TSO】Forest Concert

TSO will launch weekend concerts in Da-An Forest Park every second weekend in a month, starting from......Full Text

2016.9.23(FRI)19:30【TSO】Promenade à Paris  2016/8/10

2016.9.23(FRI)19:30【TSO】Promenade à Paris

Chao-Che Liu, Flute Kuan-Ting Lu, Piano Claude Debussy: Syrinx Gabreil Fauré: Fantaisie, Op.......Full Text

2016.9.24(SAT)19:30【TSO】American Choral Highlights  2016/8/10

2016.9.24(SAT)19:30【TSO】American Choral Highlights

Shou-Ling Wu, Conductor Ying-Jen Yao Chih-Wei Huang, Violin Chi-Hui Mo, Piano Chung-Hua Weng, Pi......Full Text

2016.10.7(FRI)19:30【TSO】Nielsen 3rd  2016/6/18

2016.10.7(FRI)19:30【TSO】Nielsen 3rd

【Performer】 Gilbert Varga, Conductor Christine Yu, Flute TSO Chorus 【Program】 C. S......Full Text

2016.11.2(WED)19:30【TSO】Our Music, Our time  2016/6/18

2016.11.2(WED)19:30【TSO】Our Music, Our time

【Performer】 Paul Chiang, Conductor Lily Zhang, Soprano Wu Bai-Yu-Hsi, Baritone Ching Yun......Full Text

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